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Subchondral sclerosis - disease process, signs of the disease degenerative nature that manifests reactive osteosclerosis endplates and cancellous bone of the vertebral body.

This is not an independent disease, but only a characteristic X-ray, speaking of the reduction, the growth of bone tissue in the affected area.

As a result, formed bony growths in the form of hooks (osteophytes), because of which the joint surface (vertebrae) become uneven. Friction increases, which leads to the emergence of new inflammatory processes.

Over time, without proper treatment, the joint can be completely blocked with tumors and completely immobilized.


The emergence and development of sclerosis of the spine is completely dependent on the disease that caused its occurrence.

The described process can affect the joints and subchondral plate endplates, replacing the articular cartilage in the spine. Most often there are two diseases - osteochondrosis and arthritis. In the first case osteophytes are formed at the edges of the vertebrae, and in the second joint edge.

Subchondral plate located under the cartilage, and in case of damage iterates over its functions. But over time, it clogged blood vessels, it is damaged, and joint stops the flow of nutrients. This leads to the development of its immobilization and contracture.

The reasons that cause joint damage, and as a consequence of the development of subchondral sclerosis, include:trauma; heredity; birth defects; forced prolonged stay in a certain position; inflammatory processes; increased stress on the joint; weakened muscle tissue of the back; aging cartilage plates with age.

Symptoms subchondral sclerosis can be very diverse. Sometimes the visible signs may not be, but if they are, manifest pain, muscle weakness until the appearance of tremor.

The sensitivity is lost limbs, tingling sensations occur. Depending on the localization of the pathological process, problems arise when bent back, limb joints, the movements of the neck. Disturbed coordination of movements, there is a difficulty with weight lifting.

Additional symptoms may include problems with hearing, memory, concentrating, depressed mood. Subchondral sclerosis of the end plates.

The first subject to therapy underlying disease.

Under the treatment of subchondral sclerosis refers to pain reduction component, reducing the external manifestations, preventing the development of pathological processes.

The choice of therapeutic methods depends on the condition of the body, comorbidities, and the pace of development of the disease.