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The disease called rheumatoid arthritis is a very common disease, which affects about 1.8% of the population. Women suffer more often than the stronger sex. So, on the one affected man falls to 4 women. We should not think that rheumatoid arthritis - a disease of older people, over the years it simply more aggravated and begins to hit it pretty young people who are aged 35 years and older. progressive course of the disease, and eventually leads to disability with limited mobility capabilities.

Rheumatoid arthritis - is one form of the chronic nature of arthritis, which is characterized in that affects the joints on both sides of the body, and that is its distinguishing feature. This is the disease, which left unattended is almost impossible. After all, in addition to joint damage it eventually necessarily affect internal organs and affect their functionality.

There are many definitions of the disease, but they all boil down to the fact that the disease that bears autoimmune in nature and affects the small peripheral joints, characterized by erosive and destructive character.

The following characteristics can be attributed to the characteristics of the disease:

It is a chronic disease that has plagued man for many years, has a negative impact on quality of life, and sometimes even asymptomatic. But, unfortunately, the latter option is extremely rare. And most of all arthritis progresses and leads to the fact that a person becomes disabled.

Inflammation can occur in the joint tissues, which are located around them (are amazed by muscles, ligaments and tendons), and within themselves synovial bags.

Sometimes the disease leads to cartilage, ligaments and bone are destroyed, and the joint is highly deformed. Studies have shown that joints may be subject to deformation even at the initial stage of the disease, regardless of the severity of pain and other symptoms. This applies progressive course of the disease.

The disease can affect a person of any race, no matter what it is a way of life. Often, rheumatoid arthritis occurs in all family members, who hold an active daily routine, proper nutrition and prefer to sport. What, according to scientists, it proves the existence of genetically causing the appearance of the disease.

The causes of Rheumatoid arthritis

It is surprising, but in spite of this advanced age of this disease, the causes that lead to the development of the disease are still not identified.

Although, of course, certain assumptions have modern scientists do exist:

Autoimmune disease. As one of the causes of development and progression of the disease are considered to be a variety of diseases that "confuse" the immune cells of the body. Instead of having to fight bacteria and viruses, affecting an human immune system begins to attack healthy tissue, and primarily affects the joints. Lymphocytes are actively attacking them, trying to destroy as something alien to the body. Call such aggression may be any disease, but rheumatologists note that almost half of the patients had persistent SARS, frequent sore throats and the flu. There is a theory that the virus particles can accumulate in the joint capsules and the immune system, mistaking them for enemies trying to fight them.

Rheumatoid arthritis can be a logical "continuation" of infectious arthritis, or wearing a reactive character, which is formed on the background of injuries or hypothermia.

There is also a version that the disease may occur against the background of a strong emotional shock. So half of the patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, say that the disease arose from them after suffering a stress (death of a loved one, divorce, or other factors). The scientists also noticed some similarities in most patients. These people are very emotional and impulsive. For this reason, the disease most often affects women, with their hormonal changes in the body. In addition, it noted that those people who have arthritis began against the backdrop of the transferred colds and imposed on them the emotional turmoil disease much harder served therapy and progresses quickly.

Some scientists believe that the cause of arthritis may lurk in the gut when the immune system tries to eliminate opportunistic bacteria living in it. As a result of this struggle can develop this disease.

It is not necessary as a reason to disregard and genetics. For children whose older relatives have suffered or are suffering from the disease are also more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis in the future. And even long time genes have been isolated.

Environmental factors are also contingent causes of the disease. Smoking and food consumption in plants treated with chemicals, in particular silica, leads to diseases of the oral cavity, as well as arthritis.

Some experts have expressed opinion as to what causes rheumatoid arthritis, certain viruses, which at the time of diagnosis of the disease is already eliminated from the body. But until now, this version was not confirmed. Therefore, as the major risk factors is considered to be a genetic predisposition, infectious diseases, severe emotional turmoil and adverse effects of the environment.

It is worth remembering that if rheumatoid arthritis is not characterized by rapid and aggressive course, that this disease is quite possible to manage, translate it into a chronic form, and continue to live a full life, which ultimately did not lead to disability.