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Called polyarthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the joints. It is noteworthy that both joints can become inflamed, several, or sequentially, one after the other. Polyarthritis is a pretty serious disease arising due to a variety of reasons. That is why people have different symptoms and course of the disease and its treatments.

A common feature uniting all kinds of arthritis is inflammation of joint tissue surrounding it (sinovalnaya shell).

Polyarthritis has several varieties that are directly dependent on the reasons that cause this disease.

Infectious arthritis develops in the background of a serious infection transferred. Most often it concerns tuberculosis, gonorrhea and brucellosis. Proper and timely treatment of underlying disease quickly eliminate the risk of infectious arthritis, but if treatment is delayed, it may cause a malfunction of the joints.

Rheumatoid (rheumatoid) arthritis is a severe systemic disease that quickly spread to other organs. The connective tissue is often affected due to reasons not related to infections. This can be both a genetic predisposition and unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and so on.

Crystal (exchange) arthritis occurs due to disturbances in the body metabolic processes. Inflammation begins when salts are accumulated in the joints. For example, uric acid Gout develops when the cluster salts.

Psoriatic arthritis affects mainly young people - up to 40 years. Its causes psoriatic skin lesions. Needless to inflammation of the joints (most often - joint foot) can occur 6-8 months after undergoing the disease.

Reactive arthritis is a sign that the body is a focus of infection, whether a disease or lung genitourinary system, the gastrointestinal tract or nervous system.

Post-traumatic arthritis develops after trauma: a dislocation, joint injury or fracture. This kind of disease is dangerous possible complications: inflammation of the mucous membranes of the joint appearance of bags and watery swelling around it.

Symptoms of arthritis also depend on the species and its causes. For example, symptoms of infectious arthritis is swelling of the skin over the affected joint, its redness. joint mobility is also limited. For rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by an easy start. When weather changes joints can become sensitive, there are barely noticeable swelling, fatigue and sweating. Sometimes it is possible to increase the body temperature, decreased appetite and weight loss. In some cases rheumatoid arthritis results in a strong increase of temperature and other serious diseases of internal organs. Symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis is the limited movements, aching, or dull pain in joints and muscles, when moving joints may crackle. abrasions can be caused by contact with infection from edema in other organs and tissues, abscesses, erysipelas, and so on.

In addition to the destruction and deformation of joints in patients with arthritis may be muscle atrophy, reduction of muscle mass. Arthritis can cause the development of flatfoot, deformation of the fingers and toes, their rejection to the outside.

Sick, help yourself!

As you can see, polyarthritis - a disease of complex, long-term current. And you can not rely on someone who can cure you completely. You yourself have to take active part in it. The body has a limit of endurance, it is necessary to know and respect. When the first symptoms of the disease, then it's time to give up habits that weaken your body. Arthritis foundation was laid on the abuse of fatty foods, sugar and starch products (bread and potatoes, pies and cakes, candies), alcohol and tobacco, spices. And helped this stress, indulging his sensual desires and physical overload. All this contributed to the accumulation of toxic substances, which lasted for years. Now we have to get rid of them. This can be done with the help of fasting.

Warning: fasting can be carried out under medical supervision only!

The duration of fasting depends on the individual circumstances. After the meeting the power you need to dramatically change. Eat cereals, dairy products, plenty of fruits and vegetables. Very useful lean fish.

Avoid emotional surge, often relax, listen to good music, walking in the forest, swim in the pool with warm water. If you are overweight, you need to lose weight - it will reduce the stress on the joints.