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Musculoskeletal system consists of human muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. About a third of the population suffers from a variety of violations of its functions. Diseases of the joints take a leading position among its pathologies and often lead to the development of disability. They can be divided into two major groups: arthritis (inflammatory nature of the lesion), and arthritis (arising from degenerative processes).

A special group of isolated state, when changes are associated with the growth of the tumor tissue, and other organs caused by diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For example, osteoporosis (a disease wherein decreased density and bone strength) leads to joint damage load redistribution through them - is associated with impaired bone structure and mechanics of a change in motion.

Among the most common arthritis are rheumatoid and infectious. This group also includes and gout, which develops due to the deposition of uric acid salts. Pretty rare psoriatic arthritis (occurs in 5% of patients with arthritis).

Since the treatment of the above diseases, unfortunately, not always effective, you need to pay special attention to prevention.

The cause of joint diseases

1.Infectious agents (tuberculosis, streptococcus) can directly hit the joint tissues, leading to the development of inflammatory changes - arthritis. In this pathogen is often found in synovial fluid, but in some cases it acts by toxins released into the blood.

A special type of joint disease is a cross-immune reaction to the centers of a chronic streptococcal infection (usually in the tonsils). In this case, it is developing rheumatism, or non-specific arthritis.

2.Mechanical factor along with infection occupies a leading place among all causes of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Chronic traumatic impact leads to the development of professional arthrosis and arthritis, and excessive stress on the joints often exacerbates the other diseases.

3.An allergy is often accompanied by the appearance changes and pain in all joints of the body: it is associated with increased susceptibility to immune cells specific proteins (allergens). The most common joint syndrome in allergy occurs on the background of infectious process in the body.

4.Endocrine pathology lead to a violation of mineral metabolism. Because of this broken bone, cartilage, and ligaments become softer and more pliable (metabolic and degenerative arthritis, and osteoporosis). Endocrine arthritis also include diabetic and akromegalicheskuyu arthropathy, which are caused by changes in the level of hormones of the hypothalamus and pituitary.

5.Violation of the blood supply to the tissues of the joint leads to degenerative changes of cartilage (arthritis). Also with increased permeability of vascular walls, it increases the risk of infection.

Hereditary predisposition, sex of the patient, hypothermia, low physical activity, unhealthy diet and obesity are risk factors only. The immediate causes of the diseases of the joints can become listed above condition.

Preventive measures

For the prevention of arthritis is very useful to move more. It is desirable that it was not the strength training and aerobic exercise. One of the most effective methods is to sail, as in the water is greatly reduced weight of the person (and hence the load on articular cartilage and ligaments), at the same time actively working muscle.

If there are overweight, then it is necessary to say goodbye, because every extra kilogram increases the likelihood of developing pathologies.

For the prevention of osteoporosis is necessary to monitor the level of calcium, and in his deficit to take a multivitamin and mineral complexes. Be sure to give up alcohol and smoking, as these bad habits have a negative impact on the metabolism of bone and cartilage tissue.

Prevention of infectious and inflammatory changes carried out by removing the primary tumor. For example, chronic tonsillitis treatment is indicated in Laura, you can perform the removal of tonsils if necessary.