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Arthritis - a disease of the joints, accompanied by their inflammation.

The inflammatory process occurs primarily in synovial (internal) membranes (bag) joint. This state is called synovitis and is accompanied by accumulation in the synovial cavity effusion - synovial fluid. Inflammatory exudate creates conditions for further stasis venous and lymphatic drainage in the area of ​​the joint, resulting in progression of arthritis. The process involves other components of the joint structure - head (epiphysis) of bone, cartilage, the tissue of the joint capsule, ligaments, tendons, and other periarticular myagkotkanevye components. Arthritis is a joint in the medical literature as monoartrit, some (many) of the joints - arthritis.

The causes of arthritis are varied. This joint infections, and trauma (such as sharp - strikes, car accident, fall on the joint, and chronic injury-overload), allergies and autoimmune processes to the formation of antibodies that destroy the body's own tissues - joint components.

There are many different diseases involving arthritis - such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, arthritis with Reiter's syndrome. Many autoimmune processes with damage of connective tissue - vasculitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, rheumatism, and other systemic diseases may be accompanied by arthritis.

Symptoms of arthritis and arthritis diagnosis

Symptoms of arthritis: the affected joint pain, it is observed stiffness, increase the local soft tissue temperature, hyperemia (redness), swelling (edema), there is synovial fluid effusion or specific exudate into the joint cavity with the increase in its size, swelling. Possible related arthritis clinical manifestations of intoxication and autoimmune processes (fever, general weakness). The analysis of the observed increase in erythrocyte sedimentation rate and white blood cell count may be present c-reactive protein.

Unfortunately, the same type of symptom for different etiology (cause) of the disease makes it difficult to accurate and timely diagnosis. For the specialist doctor and the patient in the diagnosis of a major role have other associated symptoms arthritis - a condition of the skin (rashes, etc.), heart, kidney, respiratory tract. Paroxysmal for arthritis is especially true for rheumatism, for Reiter's syndrome is characterized by the development of arthritis after acute, but quickly passing infectious urethritis (inflammation of the urethra, the bladder may - with sharp pain when urinating), enterocolitis (inflammation of the bowel with diarrhea and flatulence). For gout revealing manifestation of the disease after drinking alcohol. For rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by symmetrical loss of peripheral joint small hands and feet systems for ankylosing spondylitis or Reiter's syndrome - pain, limited mobility, a sense of stiffness in the spine. The defeat of the 1st toe joint is most characteristic of gout. In psoriatic arthritis often affects the terminal interphalangeal joints, accompanied by severe edema (finger like a sausage) and purple-bluish complexion. In systemic lupus erythematosus arthritis combined with redness in the form of a butterfly on her face, and kidney failure.

In diagnostics, there are special laboratory tests - methods of research aimed at identifying the specific immune complexes, antigens of bacteria and other specific components of the system destruction. Carrying out arthroscopy, analysis of synovial effusion, a biopsy of the joint tissues.

Arthritis treatment

The basis of the treatment of arthritis - a treatment of its cause. For local treatment of joints and arthrology rheumatologists use physiotherapy, intra-articular injection of medical, general non-specific anti-inflammatory treatment.

Good additional opportunities in the treatment of arthritis offers reflexology, Su-Jok method and remission of the disease - a method of osteopathy. Osteopathy can restore periarticular blood flow, reduces fibrotization muscles, ligaments, preventing clumping periarticular bags. If you have a related mechanical joint damage (chronic micro-traumas at displacement of the sacrum, lumbar spine, hip joints - arthritis of the knee joint (gonartrit) and arthritis of the foot joints, lesions of the cervical spine, collarbone, ribs and shoulder blades in arthritis of the shoulder or the elbow) doctor -osteopat can significantly reduce pain and abnormal symptoms, having harmonization of muscle and skeletal stress and relationships in the adjacent joints.


Forecast for the arthritis is ambiguous, depending on the state of the patient's immune system, the characteristics of the primary disease, the severity of the local joint changes. Perhaps a full recovery with the restoration of joint function and joint destruction (deforming arthritis, arthrosis, joint destruction) followed ankilozirovaniya (closure, joint immobility). In these situations, it can be shown joint surgery - arthroplasty. After replacement in most cases necessary to restore function of the soft tissues surrounding the joint - along with other functional treatments, osteopathy can quickly remove postoperative pain, normalize muscle tone surrounding the joint, to increase mobility in the adjacent joints.